½ Pig

Half Hog: $2.45/lb hw - around $285 for about 60lbs (20% savings over purchasing individual cuts!)   
20 pork chops, 2 shoulder roasts, 2 hams, 4 ham steaks, 6 lbs of bacon, 2 lbs of spare ribs, and 8 lbs of ground pork/sausage, totaling about 60lbs in the freezer. The price for a half pig is $2.45/lb based on final hanging weight at the butcher after slaughter. A typical half pig hangs at 90 lbs so the pig cost is typically ~ $220.50 or so. The slaughter is $22.50 and the butchering (cutting & packaging) is $0.67/lb ~ usually around $40. A half pig is about two cubic-feet depending on packing. Total cost for a half pig is around $283. 

We strongly recommend finding a friend to share a single whole pig order with – there is a big savings between whole and half pig pricing per pound.

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